South Dakota Goldback State Bundle - One .9999 Gold-Backed Bill of Each Denomination (1, 5, 10, 25 and 50)

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Introduction to the 5-Piece South Dakota Goldback State Bundle

Discover the allure of the 5-piece South Dakota Goldback State Bundle, a captivating collection that's more than just currency—it's a journey through art, culture, and history, encapsulated in precious gold. Each Goldback in this exclusive set contains .9999 fine gold, showcasing state-specific designs that are not only visually stunning but also steeped in rich symbolism and heritage.

The bundle offers a unique opportunity to own each denomination of the Goldbacks released for the state of South Dakota. The collection includes:

  • 1 South Dakota Goldback, 'Pax' (Peace) - 1/1000th Troy Oz
  • 5 South Dakota Goldback, 'Industria' (Industry) - 1/200th Troy Oz
  • 10 South Dakota Goldback, 'Harmonia' (Harmony) - 1/100th Troy Oz
  • 25 South Dakota Goldback, 'Laurea' (Honor) - 1/40th Troy Oz
  • 50 South Dakota Goldback, 'Libertas' (Liberty) - 1/20th Troy Oz

Owning this bundle is like holding a miniature gallery of finely minted art, each note a testament to the cultural and historical depth of the state of South Dakota. It's an ideal collection for enthusiasts of numismatics, history, and art, offering a tangible connection to South Dakota's rich tapestry of stories and values.

Whether you're an investor in precious metals, a collector of unique artifacts, or seeking a meaningful and distinctive gift, the 5-piece South Dakota Goldback State Bundle is a rare find. It's not just an investment in gold; it's an investment in a legacy of beauty, virtue, and craftsmanship. This bundle isn't just a purchase; it's an experience, a chance to own a part of a pioneering movement in currency that merges the timeless value of gold with the enduring power of storytelling.

The 5-piece South Dakota Goldback State Bundle is a unique collection that combines both the allure of gold and the artistry of currency design. This bundle includes beautifully crafted bills of differing denominations, containing in total 91/1000th ounce of .9999 fine gold (99.99% pure gold; 24-karat), representing a pioneering effort in creating a voluntary, spendable, and physically small denomination gold currency as fractional gold in the form of bills.

The Goldback: A Revolutionary Concept in Currency

The Goldback stands as the world’s first voluntary currency made from spendable, finely crafted, small denomination physical gold. This innovative concept transforms gold, traditionally viewed as a high-value commodity reserved for large transactions, into a practical medium for everyday exchanges.


Although Goldbacks have depictions of states, these are neither related to state laws nor are they state-issued currency. Rather, Goldback is a private company that celebrates sound money and precious metals, especially gold, and the competition of currency in a free market. The Goldback designs tend to commemorate the passing of such sound money policies in the respective states. Goldbacks can act as money for those who wish to trade in them or accept them as payment. There are a growing number of businesses and individuals who will accept Goldbacks as payment, and these businesses are listed on the Goldback website.

In a sense, Goldbacks act as a fractional gold bartering tool since 1/1000th of an ounce of gold is far too impractically small for everyday trading purposes, while a Goldback bill is tangible and filled with beauty.

Advanced Minting Technology

To create these unique bills, cutting-edge vacuum deposition technology is employed. This process meticulously layers each bill with .9999 fine gold in exact, predetermined quantities. The Goldback bills are thus imbued with a precise amount of pure gold, sandwiched between layers of durable polyester. This not only ensures the resilience of the bills but also maintains their aesthetic and tactile appeal.

Utility and Barter Potential

Goldbacks are designed for use in barter transactions, appealing to those who appreciate the intrinsic value of gold. These bills can be used in exchanges with any individual or entity that recognizes the worth of gold, making them versatile for a variety of transactions.


Don't miss this unique opportunity! Seize the chance to own a piece of history and art with the 5-piece South Dakota Goldback State Bundle. Each fractional gold note in this collection is a treasure, rich in cultural heritage and crafted with pure gold. Perfect for collectors, investors, or as a stunning gift, these Goldbacks are more than just currency—they're a celebration of beauty, virtue, and history. Act now to add this exquisite bundle to your collection and experience the fusion of precious metal with captivating artistry. Order your 5-piece South Dakota Goldback State Bundle today and own a piece of South Dakota's legacy!

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Product Specifications
Weight: 91/1000th Troy Oz total
Purity: .9999 Gold Layered On a Bill
Size: Varies by denomination
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