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1/4 oz Donald Trump Gold Rounds, .9999 Pure

1/4 oz Donald Trump Gold Rounds, .9999 Pure
  • 1/4 oz Donald Trump Gold Rounds, .9999 Pure thumbnail
  • 1/4 oz Donald Trump Gold Rounds, .9999 Pure thumbnail
  • 1/4 oz Donald Trump Gold Rounds, .9999 Pure thumbnail
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Get a FREE Goldback on $200+ Orders thru June 30th!! (VM and Monthly Excluded)
This Is a Money Metals EXCLUSIVE Product.
Grab Some 1 oz Trump Silver Rounds Also!!
There is currently an online order maximum of 40.

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(4.7 out of 5)

Beautiful President Trump Gold Rounds - 1/4 Ounce

These privately minted 1/4 oz Gold President Trump Rounds are .9999 pure gold, commemorating the 45th President of the United States. Get yours today - exclusively from Money Metals Exchange.

The obverse features the profile of President Donald Trump. The inscriptions read, "Donald J Trump" and "45th President."  The White House is pictured on the reverse, along with inscriptions, "The White House" and "1/4 Troy Oz .9999 Au"

Gold Commemorative Trump Rounds Make a Smart Investment

Gold is a wise investment in this era of uncontrolled federal borrowing and spending. The future of the US dollar is bleak.

Physical gold bullion, rather than collectible coins, is the way to go. Why? Because buying a lower price will be the best way to maximize returns as gold prices rise. But there is a wide variety of gold products to choose from. 

There is little reason to fret however. Investors will find most gold bullion products to be competitively priced, with modest premiums to the gold market price. This is certainly true for the President Trump gold rounds. When the pricing is similar, investors are free to choose a design that suits their preferences. For fans of the president and for those who simply want to capture the history being made, these beautiful rounds will make a great addition to their holding.

The price is affordable and the design will add interest to your collection. Invest with confidence.

The President Trump 1/4 oz gold rounds are an exciting new product offering from Money Metals Exchange – the low-cost precious metals dealer recently voted Best in the U.S. by an independent ratings organization.

Gold Bullion Explained

Gold bullion refers to all investment-grade Gold bars/ingots, rounds and coins. 

Gold bullion coins are usually minted by government-owned mints. Gold rounds, meanwhile, are coined in the same manner, but tend not to be referred to as “coins.” Gold rounds are instead struck by private mints and do not have any sort of dollar denomination stamped on them.

However, when it comes to an investment in gold bullion, rounds are often preferred by investors due to the lower premium they carry versus the more costly legal tender coins.

Donald Trump: 45th President

First released in 2019, the President Trump Gold Rounds honor the achievements of the 45th President of the United States. While this President's history is still being written, for the legions of Donald Trump supporters these rounds couldn’t have been released soon enough.

The profile of President Trump is featured on the obverse of the round. The obverse also includes the inscription ‘Donald J Trump’ along the top, as well the words ‘45th President’ right underneath his chin.

The reverse features the famous columns of the White House along with the weight and purity (1/4 Troy Oz .9999 Au) at the bottom.

These rounds come fresh from the mint, so it’s easy to get your hands on pristine quality bullion rounds while paying homage to the 45th president.

Fine Gold Rounds

Gold is honest money. It is the anti-dollar, poised to rise as Congress and central bankers lead the US dollar down the path of destruction. Given the exponential rise of government debt, the extraordinary monetary policy measures and the complete lack of fiscal discipline in Washington, DC, gold looks undervalued.

It is a great time to avoid more investments in paper, and choose beautiful, physical gold instead.

Regardless of your ideological persuasion or opinions of our 45th president, everyone can agree that history is being made. And there is no better way to commemorate these fascinating times than with a President Trump gold round.

Donald Trump Round as a Gift

President Trump gold rounds serve as the perfect gift for anyone who loves our 45th president. At 1/4 oz of gold content, the price is affordable. Our rounds are well crafted and stunning to look at - minted right here in the USA. If you want to give a gift that will be remembered by fans of the President, one of these lovely pure gold rounds will do the trick.

There’s no denying President Trump will be one of the more controversial, and captivating, political figures in American presidential history. Our commemorative gold rounds may well be in high demand for a long time to come.

Get Your Donald Trump Gold Rounds Today!

The President Trump gold rounds are easy to trade. Each is clearly marked with weight and purity. Trump is now, and will always be an interesting figure and there is lots of demand for memorabilia. That means dealers, including Money Metals Exchange, will be buying and selling Trump gold and silver rounds whenever you want to trade.

Gold bullion rounds are a great way to invest in the ultimate store of value - gold.  Trade some of your paper money for the time-tested value of physical precious metals and put a piece of history into your metals portfolio!

Product Specifications

Quality / Type: Bullion, Uncirculated
Purity: .9999 pure gold
Metal Weight: 1/4 troy oz
Diameter: 20mm (.787")
Edge: Reeded
Obverse: President Trump
Reverse: The White House

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Customer Reviews

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TRUMP Making Collecting GREAT

By Theodore R. on April 25th, 2022

Superb value. Fantastic strike. Cant wait to see what the future holds regarding pricing in a few years!

TRUMP for the WIN!

By Cindy S. on April 19th, 2022

I believe these Trump gold and silver rounds with the face of our beloved ‘45’ will become much more valuable as a collectable than anything else available today. Don't waste your money purchasing anything with that wicked queen on it - unless to melt her down! Trump will go down in history as our greatest President and so will these beautiful rounds. My money is with Trump via Many Metals silver & gold! The price is right - don't hesitate to invest now!

5 out of 5 memory coin

By Jay H. on February 6th, 2022

If this coin could talk, it would say, "I'm perfect. I'm the greatest coin ever minted!" Pros: The sheen of lovely 24 carat gold memorializes an ex-Presidente, in reality showing just a hint of breeze through frosted hair, with twisted head posed upon a brilliant background reminiscent of reflections in a highly polished silver spoon de papa. The artist truly depicts the subject's constitutional underminings in a sobering expression of triumph. At any cost, this coin will represent a steal for those who decide to buy it. Cons: Yes, according to numerous recent guides having jurisprudence regarding veracity and values. Don't lose out on a rare opportunity to celebrate our return to freedom and democracy. Support law enforcement and the military by buying a "Trump memorial coin" today!

Quality product

By Bob J. on January 23rd, 2022

I believe these rounds with the ‘45’ on them will become special.

-2020- let's go Brandon

By Andrew L. on November 28th, 2021

Looks great.. plus it's an investment that can't be stolen from me like my 401k and ira was in November last year.

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