Valcambi CombiBar - 20 x 1 Gram .9999 Gold (0.643 troy Oz)

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Buy 20 x 1 Gram Valcambi CombiBars

20 Gram Gold CombiBars are unique among gold bullion products. They are designed to be easily broken into 1-gram sections. Each of those sections carries the Valcambi hallmark and markings for its 1-gram weight and purity (.9999).

And this flexibility comes with a far lower cost than purchasing equivalent quantities of 1-gram bars. The low premiums make the Gold CombiBar a great option for buyers seeking fractional gold. Now, investors who want to round out their stack with barter-ready gold bullion can save 50% or more versus the premiums associated with smaller-sized bars and coins. (Valcambi gold bar)

These versatile bars are produced by Valcambi - one of Switzerland's largest and most reputable LBMA-approved refiners. Valcambi is located in Balerna, Switzerland, and has been making beautiful bars since the early 1960s. Each Gold CombiBar is enclosed in a tamper-evident pack with assay information. (Valcambi Combibar gold) 

Yes, prudent investors need to prepare for the end of the U.S. dollar and have a stack of metal on hand to use as money in its stead. The Gold CombiBar was designed for that purpose. The fiat dollar's value is based entirely upon confidence in our nation's economic strength and ability to meet its obligations. Because the federal government cannot restrain deficits, borrowing, and spending that confidence is waning. Without a course correction, it will one day vanish.

And, if history is a guide, the confidence will collapse suddenly, catching the unprepared by surprise. Recent events in Venezuela are a good example of how a currency crisis strikes suddenly, leaving citizens scrambling to find alternatives to the official fiat money (the bolivar) - an extraordinarily difficult situation.

The truth is that very few Americans, outside the preparedness and precious metals community, have contemplated this dark possibility. Very few own gold or silver bullion coins, rounds and bars. That is unfortunate. Gold and silver are honest money that can not be borrowed, printed, or spent into worthlessness. In fact, these precious metals are the only form of money to have survived the folly of man through the ages. (20-gram Valcambi gold bar)

It is high time to get prepared and there is no better way to do it than with the Gold CombiBar. Just remember, the Valcambi brand name and packaging carries value. It is therefore advisable to maintain your 20-gram Valcambi Gold CombiBars in their original packaging unless you need to separate some portion of your bar to complete a trade.

When it is time to re-sell your bars, any reputable bullion dealer will be happy to buy them, on-the-spot and at a fair price. You can find the price Money Metals is paying to purchase those bars on this very product page. We are proud enough of our very competitive pricing to post both our bid and ask prices online - live.

If you're considering buying gold bars from Money Metals Exchange today, call us at 1-800-800-1865.

Product Specifications
Mint Facility: Valcambi SA
Purity: .9999 pure gold
Metal Weight: 20 gram (0.643 troy Oz) - divisible into 20 x 1 gram
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Reviews (4)
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  • Tony G.
    October 6th, 2023
    Beautiful, handy way to own gold
    Just ordered my third one. Like the way they can be separated for trade if necessary.
  • Kristine B.
    February 16th, 2022
    Cheaper than an oz
    I have two of these Valcambi CombiBars now - one oz and this one. I bought this one since it is cheaper than the oz. They are a better value than coins and you can divide them into smaller segments for trading. At the current price of gold, each g is worth about $60.
  • Craig G.
    December 4th, 2021
    Valcambi CombiBars 20x 1 gram .9999 Gold
    Love these CombiBars will be getting more! I traded some 1 OZ gold American eagles Proof coins for some of these. MMX made the transaction very easy. Like having these around in case need to use some of my gold for hard times!!
  • James M.
    December 3rd, 2021
    My experience was FANTASTIC. The item shipped the next day, arrived VERY quickly and was packaged well. The craftsmanship on this piece is absolutely exquisite,,,it's flawless. I'm not a rich man,,,I like the option of being able to divide this item by the gram,,,to give as small,,,but precious gifts to my loved ones. Or I just may keep building my little treasure chest. I'm VERY happy with this purchase and will probably be making another soon. I highly recommend this if you're on the fence.