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This Revolutionary Gold-Production Story Could Make You a Fortune…

Dear Investor,

Nothing can excite the gold market more than a high-grade gold discovery.

Places like Nevada, with its 150 plus year-old history of gold mining, has produced some of the highest-grade gold discoveries in American history.

It's retty impressive, but...

... what if I told you that a new type of company is poised to produce all its gold from mere mine tailings and recycled electronic-waste -- and it could knock Nevada completely off its pedestal.

Hi, my name is David Morgan, publisher of The Morgan Report -- one of the very best investment newsletters in the resources sector.

A high-quality gold mine today, with a yield of about $400 per tonne, is considered an extremely successful mine. However, compare that to the output of this speculative company, at... $38,500 per tonne – that's almost 100 times more gold per tonne!

I’m talking about a game changer – a potential home-run investment that my Morgan Report subscribers are learning about super early.

This company develops and markets washing solutions to the mining and e-waste sectors, offering environmentally friendly alternatives to the toxic methods used in the hydro-metallurgical extraction of precious metals.

Just stop and think about what this means.

An early-stage company has developed a no-pollution alternative for extracting gold (and other precious metals). Their patent-pending formula uses non-toxic ingredients that are combined with water. And this secret formula is actually made of FDA-approved ingredients!

Meanwhile, the current means of recovery uses the deadly chemical cyanide – with all its toxic environmental impacts and public health risks if released into the environment.

Cyanide spills have resulted in major fish kills, contaminated drinking water supplies, and harmed agricultural lands.

But this new technology is designed to replace cyanide across the board. It's potentially disruptive to the entire industry worldwide.

Experts project that over 72 million tonnes of e-waste will be produced worldwide this year alone; with less than 8 percent of it currently being recycled.

Meanwhile, the application in the mining sector could be phenomenal. It could eliminate the use of cyanide worldwide, and it’s something that is eco-friendly. Now they have a solution, a non-cyanide solution, to get those projects approved and into production.

Simply put, this is a potentially explosive company still in its infancy -- and that gives you a huge investment upside.

We here at The Morgan Report have been following and reporting on this company since it first came on the scene. We are still one of the only ones covering this company -- it's amazingly still under the radar, even as the stock price is starting to break out right now.

The fact is I've presented numerous profit opportunities like this to my Morgan Report subscribers. Yes, it's a big one, but it's just one of many.

You can get access to the full details on this breakthrough company and all my other research and analysis, but you must act now!

Please sign up here for The Morgan Report to gain immediate access.

If you prefer, call our office to sign up at 480-325-0230.

Don't delay... the word will soon get out to other investors, fund managers, and subscribers of other newsletters before long.

Let my passion create your wealth,

David Morgan

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