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GOLD & SILVER PRICE UPDATE: And What Most Precious Metals Analysts Are Missing

The gold and silver prices continue to consolidate since reaching new five-year highs in the summer. Gold is nearly $100 lower from its high of $1,566 on September 4th, while silver is down more than $3 from its $19.75 peak on the very same day. Thus, gold is down 6% while silver is off by more than 15% from the peak summer prices.

However, some precious metals analysts continue to harp on the “Price Hammering” or “Manipulated” knock-down of the metals when they didn’t complain when both gold and silver increased 23% and 38% respectively from their lows in just three months. I bring this up again because the time spent fixated on the “supposed” precious metals manipulation will only amount to increased “FRUSTRATION.” Rather, I believe it’s better to focus on understanding the underlying “ROOT” fundamentals of the market and the impact on the future value of gold and silver.

For example, I no longer spend much time at all, looking at the Political Circus in Washington, DC. It’s a complete waste of time. Americans are either brainwashed by propaganda from the LEFT or the RIGHT into believing their “SCHMUCK” leader is better than the other. So, trying to debate Americans who are proud proponents of the LEFT or RIGHT is similar to wasting time on precious metals manipulation.

With all the articles claiming Gold and Silver Manipulation, why hasn’t anyone brought up the fact that gold and silver are now trading above their total primary cost of production (+$200 for gold & +$1-2 for silver)?? It would be one thing if gold were trading at $750 and silver at $10. Then, the “Manipulation” mantra would carry more weight and make sense. However, these two precious metals are still trading above their average cost of production, even after consolidating lower over the past three months.

So, the frustration experienced by many individuals in the precious metals community is that they believe the gold and silver prices should be up much higher than they are currently. While I agree that it would be nice for the precious metals prices to be higher, especially considering the tremendous Fed and central bank market intervention, the underlying bullish fundamentals haven’t kicked in yet.

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