VIDEO: Remarkable New Silver Use Helps Turn Waste into Fuel

February 8th, 2024 Comments

In this captivating video by the Silver Academy, the presenter outlines a future where silver plays a major role in the energy sector, especially that of fuel cell technology. 

Silver is already becoming a key component in so-called “green” energy technologies, transforming various waste and plastics into additional sources of fuel. 

The current craze around misguided ESG mandates benefits silver, even as it may not benefit humanity. 

Silver can be more cost-effective than platinum and palladium (PMG), offers superior conductivity, remains efficient, and offers sustainability. 

Silver is expected to gain further market share as silver-powered hydrogen fuel cells are being adopted by leading automobile and maritime manufacturers globally. 

With a significant rise in industrial demand for silver while there are simultaneous concerns of worldwide economic turmoil in 2024, holding silver will be a vital means of hedging against inflation while maintaining purchasing power.  

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9-Piece Silver Starter Kit
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As the video alludes, holding physical silver bullion coins and silver rounds is one good way to profit from silver’s anticipated rise in value – as well as a hedge against the continued downward spiral of the US dollar.   

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