Money Metals Gives a Sneak Peak into Its MASSIVE New Gold Depository

March 30th, 2024 Comments

In the Youtube interview embedded below, Money Metals CEO Stefan Gleason speaks about the company's imminent plans to open the largest precious metals depository ever built in the United States to the west of New York.

Money Metals Depository will move soon into its new, state-of-the-art, 37,000 square foot facility in Idaho -- a fortress of iron and concrete, built from the ground up specifically for maximum security storage of gold and silver.

The Class 3 vaults deep within the facility contain more than TWICE the square footage of the vaults at Fort Knox.

Unlike the U.S. Bullion Depository at Fort Knox, however, holdings at Money Metals Depository are routinely audited and verified to ensure absolute accuracy -- with no losses in the company's 14-year history.

In the interview, Gleason also reveals: 1) why mainstream media and financial advisors are biased against gold; 2) how to detect scams in the precious metals industry; and 3) how Money Metals is leading -- and winning -- sound money legislative battles at the state level with the help of its customers.