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The economy isn't nearly as great as the mainstream would have you believe.

Mike Maharrey Mike Maharrey
Midweek Memo
January 10th, 2024 Comments

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The economy is great! The Federal Reserve beat inflation and is now guiding the economy to a "soft landing." 

At least that's the mainstream narrative.

In this episode of the Money Metals' Midweek Memo, host Mike Maharrey argues that things really aren't fine. He explains that the Fed broke the economy a long time ago and it's only a matter of time before this clunker leaves us all stranded on the side of the road.

Money Metals' Midweek Memo hosted by Mike Maharrey features news and commentary relating to sound money, the precious metals markets, and the economy. 


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Mike Maharrey

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Mike Maharrey is a journalist and market analyst for with over a decade of experience in precious metals. He holds a BS in accounting from the University of Kentucky and a BA in journalism from the University of South Florida.