1/2 Ounce Walking Liberty Silver Round

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Half Ounce Silver Rounds for Barter or Small Change

Now our most popular 1-ounce silver bullion round is available in a smaller half-ounce denomination. These .999 fine silver ½ ounce Walking Liberty rounds are ideal for silver stackers looking to round out their holding with fractional silver rounds and investors who want to buy physical silver at a low cost.

History shows that fiat (paper) currencies die – often spectacularly. Governments cannot resist the temptation to borrow and print beyond their means. Eventually, they turn to the printing press, in an attempt to disguise the fact they have bankrupted the nation. Soon people using the currency discover it is a bad idea to hold the devaluing paper and rush to exchange it for tangible assets.

Once lost, it is extraordinarily hard to restore confidence, and the currency dies.

Most people expect that can’t happen here in the United States. “King Dollar” is the world reserve currency and has been for decades. But the consequences of perpetual over borrowing and overspending are inevitable.

The road we are on leads to hyperinflation. A period of time where citizens return to using metal as money is simply not a far-fetched idea. Currency failures keep happening around the world and the U.S. is not immune. Smart investors are preparing for the possibility of a dollar collapse by purchasing physical gold and silver for sale online or by phone.  Making it easier on investors to obtain bullion without having to go to a physical location.

They know that metal may once again have to serve as the coin of the realm. So it makes sense to prepare by building a barter-ready holding which includes a range of sizes and denominations.

That is where our half troy ounce Walking Liberty rounds fit in. The smaller size means they are well suited for making payment in small transactions, or to make change.

Yet the premium is still low. As a privately minted silver round (which is not a legal tender coin or a numismatic item), the premium remains well below that of larger one-ounce government-minted coins, such as the silver American Eagle.

Given the low premium and the versatile size, every investor should consider adding some ½ ounce fine silver rounds to their stack. Other silver items with low premiums, would be silver dimes and quarters, which are great for investors who aren't worried about the look of their bullion, since these coins will have normal wear and tear. If you're not that type of investor, then stick to Walking Liberty silver rounds. 

The beautiful design and craftsmanship in our rounds is a great bonus. Whether you are re-selling them to a dealer, or trading them to a neighbor, your counterparty is going to be thrilled to get them. Each carries the iconic Walking Liberty design. The artwork is modeled after the famous Walking Liberty half-dollars which once circulated. A coin which has proven universal appeal.

Every fine silver bullion round is stamped with its weight and .999 purity -- making it easy for anyone to quickly determine the value.

Grab yours today!

Product Specifications
Quality / Type: Bullion, Uncirculated
Purity: 99.9% silver
Metal Weight: 1/2 troy ounce (15.552 grams)
Diameter: 1.09 inches (30 mm)
Edge: Reeded
Obverse: Walking Liberty
Reverse: Perched Eagle
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  • Eliot H.
    June 29th, 2023
    My wife picked these for our monthly silver purchase. These rounds are really great to have for a situation where using a full ounce coin would not be economical or safe for that matter. Will definitely be getting these again for our July order! Money Metals is the best! What more can I say?
  • Benjamin M.
    June 26th, 2023
    Can't beat Money Metals
    Excellent quality and superb service makes Money Metals my go to for silver. I will continue buying all my silver from them.
  • Scott U.
    June 7th, 2023
    These rounds are extremely beautiful and well done. Great for giving as gifts to young family members wanting to get started on their own silver investment journey
  • Nicholas L.
    April 29th, 2023
    Great looking rounds. Always happy with my purchases from Money Metals.
  • Edward W.
    September 12th, 2022
    Excellent Service and quick shipping
    Just beautiful and at a very good price. Will buy from Money Metals again and again