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1 Oz Silver Buffalo Round

1 Oz Silver Buffalo Round
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  • 1 Oz Silver Buffalo Round thumbnail
  • 1 Oz Silver Buffalo Round thumbnail
  • 1 Oz Silver Buffalo Round thumbnail
  • 1 Oz Silver Buffalo Round thumbnail
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Buy 1 Oz Buffalo Silver Rounds from Money Metals Exchange

One of the most beautiful coins in US history, the Buffalo nickel remains very popular among numismatists. Nowadays, numerous private mints produce replica silver rounds and bars of the original Buffalo (silver buffalo coin).

Better yet, 1 Oz Buffalo silver rounds are affordable and abundantly available. This comes as many collectors prefer Buffalo coins over rounds.

Buffalo Coins vs. Rounds

The coins and rounds look similar enough that people often mistake one for the other. A coin and a round of the same design may look very similar to each other. They may have the same size, diameter, and thickness. Add to that the same weight and percentage of precious metal and you can see the source of confusion. (Buffalo silver coins)

However, that’s where the similarities end. On the one hand, coins are exclusively made by a government mint. In the United States, only the US Mint is permitted to strike coins. Coins can have a face value, meaning they are legal tender. They often feature the mark of the production US Mint.

On the other hand, a round is struck at a private mint. It can have the same obverse and reverse design as a coin, but it can’t have a face value. This means a round isn’t a legal tender backed by the United States government. 

In general, coins tend to have a higher premium than rounds. They are also far more popular with collectors while rounds appeal more to investors looking to get as much precious metal for their flat currency as possible. 


The story of the Buffalo silver rounds begins more than 100 years ago. Back in 1911 and out of a dissatisfaction with their design, President Theodore Roosevelt prompted the US Mint to replace the coins of the time. The mint selected the acclaimed sculptor James Earle Fraser to design the five cent coin.

The new nickel was finally introduced in 1913 as a replacement for the Charles E. Barber-designed Liberty Head coin. The coin became known as the Buffalo nickel after the portrait of a buffalo on the reverse. It’s also known as the Indian Head nickel for one of the most iconic depictions of Native Americans in US coinage.

The buffalo on the reverse is widely believed to be none other than Black Diamond, the buffalo in the Central Park Menagerie. An employee of the Bronx Zoo claimed that Fraser might have used Bronx, a buffalo kept in the Bronx Zoo. The name of the bison on the coin, however, remains a mystery.

The American Indian portrait on the obverse of the coin is a combination of three different portraits Fraser had done: portraits of Iron Tail, Two Moons, and Big Tree. In subsequent years, a number of Native Americans claimed that they were the model for the famous nickel.

1 Oz Buffalo Silver Round Design

Today’s current production Buffalo silver rounds are faithful to the classic design of the Buffalo nickel. Though struck in numerous private mints, the round is quite standardized with only minor variations among coins of different manufacturers.

The most common is the one troy ounce silver round with 99.9% purity. Depending on the manufacturer, you might find ½ ounce, ¼ ounce, and even smaller rounds. All, however, share the same design.

On the obverse of Buffalo rounds is the right profile of the aforementioned Indian head. The portrait is a faithful reproduction of Fraser’s original design. Usually, Buffalo rounds feature the inscription “LIBERTY” on the right side and the mint mark near the bottom.

The reverse features the left side of a buffalo on a small mound of dirt. Like the obverse design, the reverse is also a faithful replica of Fraser’s work. The buffalo is usually accompanied by the inscriptions “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” and “E PLURIBUS UNUM” at the top and “1OZ. .999 FINE SILVER” at the bottom.


The one troy ounce coins weigh 31.1035 grams. The rounds measure 39 millimeters in diameter and 2.8 millimeters in thickness. The edges of the round are usually reeded, as opposed to the plain original. All manufacturers make the buffalo silver rounds with 99.9% purity and reeded edges.

The 1/2 oz Silver Buffalo Rounds weigh 15.552 grams. Like the other types, these are uncirculated bullion coins. The round is 1.09 inches in diameter. 

The 1/4 oz Silver Buffalo Rounds weigh 7.776 grams. They measure 0.984 inches in diameter. Once again, there are uncirculated bullion coins.

The 1/10 oz Silver Buffalo Rounds contain 3.11 grams of 99.9% pure silver. The rounds measure 0.774 inches in diameter. 

Some mints also make bigger Buffalo silver rounds. The most notable are the 2 and 5 ounce rounds. These are bigger, though the silver purity and edges stay at 99.9% and are reeded.

Who Makes Them

Various private mints across the United States make Buffalo silver rounds. They all make the one ounce round as it is the most requested and sought-after variety. Each mint usually has its own lineup of both smaller and bigger variants. Also, any given mint may drop or reintroduce a particular coin based on demand. Typically, the sizes vary from 1/10 troy ounce to 5 ounces.

Some private mints also make Silver Buffalo bars in various sizes. The most prominent are 1, 5, and 10 ounce bars of 99.9% pure silver.

1 Oz Buffalo Silver Round Value

Silver rounds don’t usually command a premium much higher than the spot price of silver. Obviously, they’re far less collectible than silver coins, so they attract investors who wish to park their money in precious metals.

Accordingly, Buffalo silver rounds have rather uniform prices across the board regardless of the mint of manufacture.

Should I Invest in 1 Oz Buffalo Silver Rounds?

Silver rounds are far more affordable than silver coins. They are a good starting point for beginner investors. Use them to diversify your portfolio, preserve your wealth, or profit when silver prices go up.

On the other hand, rounds don’t hold much numismatic value. If you’re looking to build a private collection, coins are the way to go.


Buffalo silver rounds are affordable and in plentiful supply. They also have low premiums so are perfect for precious metal investors. 

Finally, investing in precious metals is a sound decision. Flat currencies are subject to inflation and the stability and credibility of the governments behind them, which is why people have used precious metals to preserve their wealth for centuries.  

Product Specifications

Quality / Type: Bullion, Uncirculated
Purity: 99.9% silver
Metal Weight: 1 troy ounce (31.103 grams)
Diameter: 1.535 inches (39 mm)
Edge: Reeded
Obverse: American Indian
Reverse: American Buffalo

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Customer Reviews

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pruchasing gold and silver

By william b. on April 25th, 2020

The 1oz buffalo rounds are the same as all products at money metal exchange, very high quality. I can not say enough about there service pricing and products all top quality. A real pleasure to use there services the customer truly comes first.

Primary silver OZ i buy

By luke g. on October 12th, 2018

I buy this one because my wife's great great great grandfather WAS Chief Big tree, who the Buffalo head Indian was designed after. So it's kind of now a family symbol.

American Silver Buffalo Rounds X 40 or 60

By Joshua W. on May 10th, 2018

I bought several tubes of these rounds. They were and still are a good and cheap way to go for Newly Minted non-circulated silver one ounce rounds. They are iconic and symbolic of our great nation and its respect to the native America that was prevalent during our great establishment of this land. I plan to have a couple of them used to make "Conchos" for a western style leather belt I'm having made. They will shine up the belt real nice. And make a great addition to my collection. I used a certificate from my first purchase to redeem a FREE 1oz walking liberty with this second purchase. I also invested in a couple tubes + of the 2oz walking liberties. They are all nice and clean. I've been happy doing my investing with MMX! They are fast, discrete and secure! I'm diversifying my portfolio for my family's sake. I'm just a NAVY vet doing the best I can for their future, so they can grow up and have unlimited opportunities. MMX is just one of the many ways I am doing this. I'm a first time investor into precious metals, but am already receiving greater growth per day with silver than with my highest saving account and it's good at .5% interest daily compounding. I think I'll be moving up to bars as long as the prices stay low. And when that big spike comes, cash in and historically speaking, it's gonna happen. I will be ordering from MMX again!

I bought silver buffalos a year ago

By Ronald on April 30th, 2018

I think they were the best buy of any seller in America for silver and gold.

Quality Minting

By Edwin H. on January 29th, 2018

The rounds I received looked better than the photos. The background on both sides shined like a proof coin. I was very pleased with the appearance! The rounds I received bore the Republic (RMC) mint mark.

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