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Clint Siegner Clint Siegner

Clint Siegner

November 20th, 2017 Comments

The battle for sound money represents a key front in the larger war of ideas being waged to restore limited government and individual liberty.

To win, we are going to need to dramatically broaden awareness of how fiat money and centrally planned monetary policy have funneled power to Washington, leaving citizens less free and more indentured to the state.

Money Metals Exchange: Dealer of the YearSpreading that message and drawing more people into the metals markets is a big part of what we do at Money Metals Exchange.  And so is warning people about how to avoid the scams that unfortunately still exist in our industry.

We are not aware of any other dealer in the U.S. that has made the investment in honest educational content and useful, genuine guides that Money Metals has. It’s our way of spreading the word about sound money to people who need to hear that message, rather than just preaching to the choir.  Our vast educational efforts are among the reasons why Money Metals was named “Best in the USA” among hundreds of competitors.

A lot of what we publish in our articles and podcasts is geared toward novice metals investors. This includes people who need help understanding why metals are a hedge against dollar devaluation and counterparty risk and advice on what bullion products to buy.

We teach people how to avoid the traps laid by rare coin dealers who take advantage of inexperienced investors. We even cover basics such as how to clean silver coins, rounds, and bars.

How to clean silver coins video

Here is a partial list of some of our most popular and useful guides:

  • Let’s start with our “News” page. Everyone can go here to read up on the latest metals markets news and commentary. Read a dozen or so recent articles, and you’ll have a pretty decent handle on why everyone should own some physical bullion in these uncertain times.
  • Next we’d recommend the guide, The Best Way to Buy Gold and Silver [Free Buying Guide]. We wrote this to help answer one of the most frequently asked questions we get from beginners; “What should I buy?”
  • Novices and seasoned investors alike want to know the bullion they buy is genuine so we put together a video and a list of easy home tests people can perform.

High-pressure sellers of “rare” or numismatic coins are a huge threat when it comes to advancing the cause of honest money. That’s because large swathes of people are drawn into the metals markets by misleading radio and television advertising.

Many Americans sense they need to take an important step toward protecting their wealth and diversifying into physical gold and silver. But instead of receiving good advice on what to buy, they get a slick pitch on rare coins and wind up dramatically overpaying for gold and silver.  This rare coin “bait and switch” is the oldest trick in the book and has brought discredit to the precious metals industry.

When their investment doesn’t perform, they wind up frustrated and angry. Some victims understandably become detractors rather than advocates for sound money. You can read up on why most people should avoid numismatic or collectible coins here.

We’re proud of and the resources we have available there. Please have a look. And, as always, we have some of the most knowledgeable (and non-commissioned) people in the business available to answer questions by phone (1-800-800-1865). You can expect honest answers and zero pressure to buy.

Clint Siegner

About the Author:

Clint Siegner is a Director at Money Metals Exchange, a precious metals dealer recently named "Best in the USA" by an independent global ratings group. A graduate of Linfield College in Oregon, Siegner puts his experience in business management along with his passion for personal liberty, limited government, and honest money into the development of Money Metals' brand and reach. This includes writing extensively on the bullion markets and their intersection with policy and world affairs.