Silver Premiums Now Very Low | Sound Money Bills Introduced in 13 States

January 24th, 2024 Comments

While the general stock market hits new all-time highs in recent days, gold and silver continue to trade sideways awaiting a catalyst.

Gold trades this morning at $2,020 and the current silver price is slightly below $23 per ounce.

Silver continues to show more weakness than gold, still trading more than 50% below its all-time highs while gold builds a strong, high base above $2,000 per ounce.

Morgan 1 Oz Silver Round
Morgan 1 Oz Silver Round
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Premiums on silver coins, bars, and rounds have come down to attractively low levels, making the all-in cost of accumulating various retail forms of the "poor man's gold" the lowest it's been since early last year.

Money Metals' public policy efforts are kicking into high gear right now with the start of the state legislative season. We have already secured the introduction of over a dozen bills that benefit our customers and our nation as a whole.

Specifically, we have bills in Kentucky, Wisconsin, Vermont, New Jersey, Hawaii, Indiana, and Alaska that remove sales taxes from gold and silver purchases.

And, our Money Metals' team is also backing bills in Nebraska, Georgia, Kansas, West Virginia, Oklahoma, and Iowa that remove income taxes and, in several cases, institute other sound money reforms.

Keep your eyes out for our emails and letters seeking help in lobbying for bills in your own state!