1/4 Oz American Gold Eagle Coin - New / Type 2 Design (Dates Our Choice)

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Buy 1/4 Oz Gold Eagle Coins - New Design, Date Our Choice

The US Mint has updated the design of the iconic gold American Eagle for the first time since the series was launched in 1986. 2021 was the first year of issue for the coin which features a close-up of a majestic bald eagle on the coin's obverse side.

When the U.S. Mint launched the American Gold Eagle coin program, few knew these US minted coins would be the world's most popular bullion product, and would be minted by the millions. The 1/4 Oz Gold Eagle, as part of that family of coins, offers the ultimate in trust, recognizability, and liquidity. In other words, investors worldwide buy this coin with complete confidence it will be easy to sell and command the best possible price. You could compare the Eagle coin to Canadian Maple Leaf Gold coins, which are just as popular and are known for being a reliable and trustworthy gold coin to invest in.

One of the reasons 1/4 oz gold American Eagles are popular is because it is lovely. Lady Liberty adorns the obverse, holding the torch of liberty aloft in one hand and an olive branch in the other. Bald Eagles caring for their young in a nest are featured on the reverse. The design has been lauded by many as among the most beautiful ever produced.

Each coin is marked with its gold content - 1/4 oz fine gold. It carries a legal tender value of $10. The Golden Eagle coins are minted at 22-karat purity (91.67% gold, 3% silver, 5.33% copper). It is important to note that the coins do contain a full 1/4 troy ounce of gold. The gross weight of each will be slightly higher than 1/4 oz because of the copper and silver alloy that is added.

Despite the popularity of the Golden Eagle coins among bullion investors, many Americans would be surprised to know their government is still issuing legal tender gold coins. In fact, officials have worked very hard to eliminate the notion of gold as money. The Eagle coin program was a rare victory for advocates of honest money in America.

Gold is a measuring stick which reveals just how much the value of the fiat U.S. dollar declines year after year. It is an embarrassment for proponents of the dollar, and something they would prefer not to discuss.

Investors who bought American Eagles upon the release in 1986, took an important step toward preserving their wealth. The coins have risen dramatically in value against the dollar which has always been, and continues to be, terribly mistreated and abused.

The 1/4 ounce size makes these coins affordable. That is why many investors who are also preparing against the possibility that gold may be needed for barter and trade purposes, prefer gold bullion coins in a "fractional" size. These coins will be more suited to smaller transactions than the more common, and much larger, 1 oz size. And, should gold prices move multiples higher, many buyers may not be able to afford one-ounce coins. That could mean more demand for smaller coins - and a higher premium.

The quarter-ounce Golden Eagle are roughly the size of a nickel. Money Metals can, upon request, ship coins in Air-Tite capsule - a hard, clear plastic sized to fit the coin. It's a great option for buyers giving an Eagle as a gift, or simply to protect your investment from scuffing or scratching. Please just ask.

According to U.S. law, only gold mined in the U.S. can be used in the minting of the gold American Eagle coin. The intent is to provide support for U.S. mining companies and jobs.

Golden Eagles come in four sizes - the 1/10, 1/4, 1/2, or a 1 oz coin. For more questions in regards to the Golden Eagle coin, call MMX at 1-800-800-1865.

Product Specifications
Mint Facility: U.S. Mint
Denomination: $10.00 USD
Date: 2021 to Present
Quality / Type: Bullion, Uncirculated
Purity: 91.67% gold (22 karat), 3% silver, 5.33% copper
Metal Weight: 1/4 oz. - 0.2500 ounces (0.2727 gross)
Diameter: 0.866 inches (22.00 mm)
Edge: Reeded
Obverse: Standing Liberty
Reverse: Bald Eagle
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