buy gold eagle proofs

The United States Mint launched the American Eagle series of coins in 1986. World bullion markets were hungry for trusted coins at reasonable premiums and the American Eagle, with its iconic design, could not have been better received. They are the most popular bullion coins in the world.

The Mint quickly began offering proof versions of these coins to meet demand from coin enthusiasts who wanted the design with an even more lovely finish and presentation box. These coins are specially struck twice (or more) using highly polished dies. The result is a lustrous coin with a mirror-like finish. The quality control after striking is extensive, with blemished coins being sent back to be melted. Proof American Eagles are intended to be the best of what many consider to be the most beautiful sovereign coin currently produced.

The only problem is that while proof coins are lovely, they usually cost way too much. The US Mint and rare coin dealers charge very high premiums for them and buyers often find the coins are worth far less than they paid to get them.

That is where Money Metals Exchange steps in. We buy and sell these coins, but only at their fair price. Now smart investors and savvy coin aficionados can buy the official coins, with their original mint box and certificate of authenticity, at just a tiny premium to the standard bullion strike coins.

We offer American Eagle gold proof coins in the complete 4-size sets which include 1/10,1/4,1/2, and 1 oz coins in a single presentation box. We also offer individual coins in each of the four sizes, again with their original box and certificate. All proof coins are sold subject to availability. Money Metals only offers them when we can secure inventory at the right price. Mintages are limited. Buyers should not hesitate.

Grab a spectacular Proof American Eagle, or the entire set, today. You will not be sorry to hold such a special piece of US monetary history. And you will pay very little extra for it.