Platinum Products

The industrial precious metal.

Platinum offers some of the most compelling supply and demand fundamentals in precious metals. While more speculative than either gold or silver, platinum's scarcity has the potential to drive spectacular investment returns.

Palladium Products

The unsung precious metal.

Palladium offers supply and demand fundamentals very similar to those driving platinum, but at a far low price per ounce. Like platinum, it represents a more speculative investment with excellent profit potential.

Rhodium Products

The rare precious metal.

Precious rhodium perhaps offers the most explosive opportunity for price appreciation. This speculative metal peaked near $10,000 per ounce in 2011. It wasn't until recently the metal was made available for investment in bar form.

The platinum group of precious metals includes platinum, palladium and rhodium. Money Metals Exchange is proud to offer all three in a variety of trusted bars and coins.

We source our products from the world's foremost Mints and refiners, guaranteeing the products you buy are beautiful, fully certified and easy to trade.

The platinum group offers a compelling story for investors looking to speculate. Demand for these metals is driven in large part by automobile manufacturers who use it in catalytic converters to control emissions. Emerging markets, in particular India and China, have seen explosive growth in demand for new cars. And governments there are concerned about emissions.

Meanwhile supply is often a challenge. Much of the metal comes from places like South Africa where labor strife and periodic power failures are regular problems for the mines operating there. Discoveries of new platinum group metals deposits have been few and far between.

Demand looks set to keep growing and supply may have trouble keeping pace which should make now a great time to invest.