The New Zealand Mint

What is the New Zealand Mint?

The New Zealand Mint is a privately owned minting company in Auckland, New Zealand. It is the only mint in the region and mints gold and silver bullion and coins for investors. The New Zealand Mint was one of the earliest minting companies to adopt the high standards used by so many minting companies today.

New Zealand Mint coins have purity standards of .999 for silver coins and bullion and .9999 for gold. They mint premium collectible silver coins for investors all over the globe, and they pride themselves on their secure facility. Many investors have chosen to preserve their financial resources by purchasing coins and bullion from the New Zealand Mint.

Their coins are given as gifts as often as they are purchased and displayed by collectors. In the past, the company has won the New Zealand International Business Award for their exceptional service and standards. Their designs include everything from the silver fern to Star Wars characters, all of which show the fine details unique to the quality of the New Zealand Mint.

New Zealand Mint Silver Products:

HMS Bounty - HALF Oz Silver Coin
HMS Bounty - HALF Oz Silver Coin
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HMS Bounty - 1 Oz .999 Silver Coin
HMS Bounty - 1 Oz .999 Silver Coin
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2 Oz New Zealand Silver Hawksbill Turtle
2 Oz New Zealand Silver Hawksbill Turtle
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New Zealand Mint Coin Sets

The New Zealand Mint makes coin sets along with the individual coins they have available. If you are an avid collector, you can purchase all coins in a set to ensure the lasting cumulative value of the collection.

New Zealand Mint coins come in several sets, some of which are limited edition while others remain classic designs for years. All their coins are Proof coins, which means they are made with the highest possible quality of gold and silver.

The company has coin sets like the Disney quarter-ounce Mickey and Friends Gold Coin Set and the Pacific Island Birds Silver Coin Set. Each individual coin in their collections exemplifies the intricate details of the designs on their gold and silver coins.

These sets come in special packaging unique to the collection. The packaging is designed to preserve your coins, so they stay in mint condition and make it easy for you to store and display your collection.

Some of the coins, like the Pacific Island Birds Silver Coin Set, are colored to show even greater detail than the engravings alone. The coin sets are not intended for circulation and, therefore, should not show any signs of wear. They are untouched by bare hands before you receive them.

New Zealand Mint Silver Coins

The New Zealand Mint produces unique silver coins and bullion for collectors and investors. These .999 silver coins depict scenes, characters, and animals with textures that come alive in each coin's design. While the company offers many coin sets, they also sell individual silver coins.

Each Proof coin is carefully created using dies. When the dies strike the blank silver, the engraved image on the die becomes imprinted on the new coin. The coins are then carefully polished to bring out the details. Then a different finish is applied depending on the coin's image.

Many of New Zealand Mint's silver coins are colored to depict vibrant animals and characters, and the finishes are often unique to the different coins. The colorized coins are some of the most popular series, as they create a new visual effect with the silver, offering a contrast unlike that of other mints.

Some of these silver coins have value as a symbol of New Zealand as well. For example, the Taku coin features the hawksbill turtle, native to New Zealand's coastal regions. The coin's contrasting finishes bring life to the animal on its face, and it comes in several weights beyond the one-ounce coin, including two-, five-, and ten-ounce options.

New Zealand Mint Gold Coins

In addition to individual silver coins, New Zealand Mint also has .9999 pure gold proof coins. Most of their coins are one or quarter ounce, though, on occasion, they also mint half-gram gold coins. While they offer many coins exclusively in gold, they also have some designs that were initially created in silver now available in gold as well.

Many of their gold coin collections feature popular characters from TV and film, like Disney and Doctor Who. They also have Feng Shui designs showing mythical creatures like the phoenix and the money toad, and the back of each coin features Queen Elizabeth II.

As with their collectible silver coins, the New Zealand Mint does not intend for their gold coins to enter circulation. Some gold coins are available in sets, as with the Lunar Coins, which depict zodiac animals unique to the year during which they are available. While the company does not offer as many gold options as they do for silver coins, they maintain the same standards for quality and value to ensure you receive pure gold coins in perfect condition.

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