Silver’s Potential and What’s Coming With Fedcoin

David Morgan David Morgan

David Morgan

October 26th, 2020 Comments

We speak with David Morgan about his views on silver inventories and price direction, given the factors he sees in the metals trade and the economy.

He points out that silver will be the money of the people because it is largely ignored by the elites, whereas gold is not.

David provides his views on the Fedcoin, a government-issued digital currency, how it will be implemented, and how silver provides an alternative.

He does not believe, for example, that Bitcoin and other private cryptocurrencies will be specifically outlawed, but they will not be allowed for use in most public transactions such as mortgages, state transactions, and other types of retail open market purchases.

We discuss gold and the differences versus silver in terms of value to the investor and freedom from the state-issued currency.

He points out that he started as a “gold bug” before the Hunt Brothers turned his attention to silver. And he provides his view on what the Hunt Brothers were likely doing in their trade of silver.

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David Morgan

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A widely recognized expert on silver, David Morgan began investing in stocks and precious metals as a teenager. He obtained degrees in finance and economics as well as engineering. Author of the book The Silver Manifesto, he has devoted more than 30 years to educating investors on opportunities to protect and grow their wealth. In addition to advising private clients and fund managers, he writes at The Morgan Report, covering economic news, the global economy, currency debasement, and stellar opportunities in precious metals and mining stocks.