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Another Regional Bank Buckles; Gold & Silver Prices Pull Back

Silver prices (and to a lesser extent, gold prices) have pulled back this morning, with silver dipping well below $25.

The key price levels to watch are the $2,080 all-time gold high and $26 silver. A breakout above these levels would be extremely bullish.

PacWest Bank is back in the news this morning with another 20% crash in its stock on news of a huge outflow of depositors.

Banks continue to play a risky game of chicken by keeping their deposit interest rates near zero.

Americans are seeing 4% rates available elsewhere, and they're yanking bank deposits – even from banks perceived to be safer.

Meanwhile, increasingly more Americans are choosing to hold some of their savings in real money, i.e. physical gold and silver. A money that has no default risk and cannot be inflated away.

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We also want to share this excellent presentation by Chris Powell of the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee regarding the transition from central bank gold price suppression to voracious central bank gold buying.

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