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Money Metals Podcast

Investors Increasingly Unimpressed with Fed Chairman’s Double Talk

July 30th, 2021
Interview with: Mike Gleason

The summer doldrums in precious metals markets have tested the patience of bulls. The silver market has been hit especially hard in recent weeks, but price stayed above the $24 level and avoided dipping to new lows for the year.… Keep Reading

Money Metals Podcast

Inflation Pressures Persist as Biden Seeks Huge Infrastructure Bill

July 23rd, 2021
Interview with: Mike Gleason

As the summer doldrums drag on, precious metals bulls are eying potential support levels for a seasonal bottom. The gold market found support at the $1,750 level last month and has since been trading with a slight upside bias. Although the price action h… Keep Reading

Money Metals Podcast

Fed Expresses Renewed Hostility toward Cryptocurrencies It Doesn’t Control

July 16th, 2021
Interview with: Mike Gleason

This week, the Federal Reserve launched another barb in the brewing currency war. Fed Chairman Jerome Powell said a central bank digital currency could render cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin useless. Those comments came on the heels of an announcement l… Keep Reading

Money Metals Podcast

Markets and Central Bankers Play Chicken with Inflation

July 9th, 2021
Interview with: Mike Gleason

Precious metals markets are putting in a mixed performance this week as inflation uncertainties drive divergences across other asset classes. The bond market is rallying strongly in spite of the Fed’s apparent plans to taper its Treasury purchases in m… Keep Reading

Money Metals Podcast

Dollar Rally Holding Back Precious Metals for Now

July 2nd, 2021

Gold and silver bulls attempted to start a rally this week, but prices were capped by a strengthening U.S. Dollar Index.… Keep Reading

Money Metals Podcast

Fed Chairman Admits Unsustainability of Federal Deficits, Yet Claims No Risk

June 25th, 2021
Interview with: Mike Gleason

As unsustainable government spending and debt raised alarms in Washington this week, precious metals markets showed some signs of firming up. After last week’s price drubbing, gold and silver were at risk of breaching major support levels. And while th… Keep Reading

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