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Money Metals Podcast

Big Silver Move Foreshadowed as Industrial Panic Looms

January 11th, 2019
Interview with: David Jensen

Mining analyst and precious metals expert David Jensen joins us to talk about how palladium might just be the straw that breaks the back of the paper market.… Keep Reading

Money Metals Podcast

Market Volatility Skyrocketing as Trump & Pelosi Spar

January 4th, 2019
Interview with: Keith Weiner

Keith tells the story about a large cash sale he had a decade ago, how incredibly uncomfortable it made him to have such a big cash position and how it ultimately led him to begin thinking about and pursuing a new gold standard as a solution to our nation… Keep Reading

Money Metals Podcast

Silver & Gold Finish 2018 Strong amid Stock Market Carnage

December 28th, 2018
Interview with: Michael Pento

Michael Pento of Pento Portfolio Strategies joins us for an encore interview. He weighs in on how he sees Fed policy decisions playing out and why he believes it will have damaging long-term effects on the economy.… Keep Reading

Money Metals Podcast

Grinch Stealing Christmas Cheer on Wall Street

December 21st, 2018
Interview with: Frank Holmes

Frank Holmes of U.S. Global Investors joins me and shares why he believes this past quarter has been a very constructive and encouraging one for gold… Keep Reading

Money Metals Podcast

Showdown Looms over Border Wall as Debt Tops $22 Trillion

December 14th, 2018
Interview with: Gerald Celente

Gerald Celente breaks down the chaos in Europe, tells us whether or not major protests are likely to break out here in the states and shares his outlook for the metals.… Keep Reading

Money Metals Podcast

Palladium Shortages Expose Broken Futures Markets for Precious Metals

December 7th, 2018
Interview with: Craig Hemke

Craig tells me why we all need to pay attention to the white-hot palladium market right now and discusses the massive physical supply shortages there that have a chance to actually break the trading exchanges. He also suggests 2019 is poised to be the bes… Keep Reading

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