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Palladium for Sale at Low Premiums

Palladium offers some of the same compelling supply/demand fundamentals and amazing industrial properties as platinum.

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Investing in Palladium

Palladium's main application, like platinum, is catalytic converters for automobiles. But its uses are rapidly growing in other industries -- such as electronics, alternative energy, and dental implants.

Palladium shares similar properties and similar applications with platinum.  Annual palladium production has also been in the same ballpark - approximately 6 to 8 million ounces a year.

Because palladium, like platinum, can be used as a catalyst in emissions-reducing devices, many automakers have opted for palladium, in large part because palladium was significantly less expensive.

Supply disruption is a genuine possibility. Most of the world's palladium production comes from Russia and South Africa - where risks including power outages, nationalization of mines, and/or governmental restrictions on exports can play havoc in the industry.

A decision to buy palladium coins, while very speculative, may turn out to be an extremely profitable investment for those who accumulate it in physical bullion form. Investors comfortable with the risks, should consider diversifying some of their precious metals portfolio into palladium.