Money Metals Exchange Offers Gold-Backed Scholarship to Help Students Cope with Tuition Inflation

August 30th, 2017 Comments

Money Metals Exchange is now accepting essays from applicants for its gold-backed scholarship fund for 2017. Funds will be awarded to students who understand that gold is money and can clearly articulate the many failures of the inflation-creating Federal Reserve System.

Money Metals Exchange, a national precious metals dealer recently ranked "Best in the USA," teamed up with the Sound Money Defense League, setting aside 100 ounces of physical gold, currently worth over $130,000, to help outstanding students pay for ever-rising education costs. To learn more about the scholarship and how to apply, please visit

"The Federal Reserve's inflationary policies have jacked up education costs, and our company is proud to help students who understand this problem as they cope with this unfolding disaster," said Stefan Gleason, president of Money Metals Exchange.

Money Metals Scholarship

"Because of abusive and ongoing devaluation of the Federal Reserve Note, we expect the gold that we have set aside to fund the scholarship program will grow in nominal value dramatically over time."

A Scholarship for Students Who Understand that Gold Is Money

The scholarship will be open to high school seniors, undergraduate students, and graduate students with an interest in economics, specifically the tradition of the Austrian school. However, one does not have to be an economics major to apply.

The ongoing devaluation of the Federal Reserve Note "dollar" pushes up the nominal prices of assets, goods, and services across America, Gleason noted. Central planners have further contributed to the problem of skyrocketing education costs through easy access to government-subsidized loans which Gleason said are usually awarded regardless of merit or creditworthiness. Colleges and universities can spend frivolously and raise their tuition costs aggressively. Meanwhile, students frequently leave college with debt that exceeds a home mortgage.

Essays will be reviewed by a blue ribbon committee of professors, economists, and executives of Money Metals Exchange and Sound Money Defense League.

Essay Judges:

Dr. Lucas Engelhardt

Dr. Lucas Engelhardt
Kent State University

Dr. Wolf von Laer

Dr. Wolf von Laer
CEO, Students For Liberty

Robert Murphy

Dr. Robert P. Murphy
Free Market Institute at Texas Tech

Dr. Mark Thornton

Dr. Mark Thornton
Senior Fellow, Mises Institute

The panel will select two (2) undergraduate winners and two (2) graduate winners. All four (4) articles will be published on one or both organizations' websites. The four (4) winners will also have the opportunity to win the People's Choice Award which goes to the student whose article attracts the most interest from social media (Facebook, Twitter).

Jp Cortez, Assistant Director of Sound Money Defense League, said, "Last year was a huge success. We had well over one hundred entries from students. Applicants are excited at the prospect of having their essays read and graded by some of the most notable sound money economists and thinkers in the world."

The deadline for applications is September 30th, 2017. For more information, visit or email [email protected].