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Money Metals Podcast

Fed Pours $2.3 Trillion More onto Economy Bonfire, Buys Junk Bonds

April 10th, 2020

Wild price action and unprecedented interventions once again characterized this holiday-shortened trading week. Oil prices whipsawed lower Thursday on concerns about expected oil production cuts from Russia and Saudi Arabia. But the general trend for mos… Keep Reading

Money Metals Podcast

Supply & Demand Are BOTH Crashing in the Unfolding Carnage

April 3rd, 2020

A surge in coronavirus cases, an expansion of economic lockdowns, and an explosion in unemployment claims hit markets this week. But this deluge of bad news didn’t seem to catch investors by surprise.… Keep Reading

Money Metals Podcast

Fed President Declares: “No End in Our Ability to Print Money… and Congress Has Told Us to”

March 27th, 2020

The roller coaster ride in markets took a sharp turn higher this week after the Federal Reserve and Congress together pledged over 6 trillion dollars to rescue the financial system.… Keep Reading

Money Metals Podcast

Metals Market Pandemonium as Fear Gives Way to Command Economy

March 20th, 2020

In light of the incredible amount of activity in the precious metals industry and back to back to back record days at Money Metals Exchange as a result of the coronavirus and tumultuous nature in financial markets, we are forgoing a guest interview this w… Keep Reading

Money Metals Podcast

Lack of Confidence Leads to Greater Risk of Market Shutdown, Even Martial Law

March 13th, 2020
Interview with: David Morgan

David Morgan of The Morgan Report joins me to breakdown the madness in the markets, tells us why he believes this is 2008 part 2 in the financial markets and also addresses the major frustration over silver and when he thinks it will start acting like a s… Keep Reading

Money Metals Podcast

Fed Panic Boosts Bonds & Gold, Freaks Out Stock Investors

March 6th, 2020
Interview with: Jacob Hornberger

This week, first-time guest Jacob Hornberger, founder and president of The Future of Freedom Foundation and also the winner of all three of this week’s Presidential primaries for the Libertarian party, tells us how both the major political parties in Am… Keep Reading

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