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National Debt and Silver Prices

National Debt Too High, Silver Price Too Low

July 19th, 2017

Silver currently sells around $16, which would be sensible if the U.S. national debt was much less than its current $20 trillion.… Keep Reading

“Smart Money” vs “Dumb Money” Positioning Turns Bullish for the Precious Metals

July 17th, 2017

The bullion banks periodically fleece the long-side speculators in the futures market. The pattern has become almost as familiar as day following night. The bullion bankers build massive short positions by selling paper contracts to all comers and wait fo… Keep Reading

GOLD & SILVER MARKET: Four Interesting Developments

July 13th, 2017

There are four interesting developments taking place in the gold and silver market that precious metals investors should be aware of. While Americans continue to place all the BETS in the CASINO called Wall Street, via stocks, bonds and real estate, the … Keep Reading

Commodities Upturn: Silver & Gold Prices Rise

Commodity Cycle Upturn to Lift Precious Metals Prices

July 12th, 2017

U.S. stocks are expensive by just about every valuation measure you can think of – price/earnings, price/sales, dividend yield, total market capitalization as a percentage of GDP, etc. Even Fed chair Janet Yellen remarked recently that equity valuations… Keep Reading

WORLD’S 2ND LARGEST SILVER MINE SHUT DOWN: Implications For Company & Market

July 10th, 2017

The world’s second largest primary silver mine, Tahoe Resources Escobal Mine, was forced to shut down operations in Guatemala by a ruling from the country’s Supreme Court. This was due to a provisional decision by the Guatemalan Supreme court in resp… Keep Reading

Answering Your Questions on Bitcoin, Lower Silver Premiums, and Pre-1933 Gold Coins

July 10th, 2017

One of the core tenets of our business is educating people who have never owned physical gold or silver. We introduce them to the metals markets and put the spotlight on dishonest money as the foundation for unrestrained government. We get lots of great q… Keep Reading

The Reason Why Gold & Silver Have Frustrated Investors Since 2011

July 6th, 2017

The biggest frustration to many precious metals investors, is why have the gold and silver prices under-performed the market since 2011? Actually, for gold it was since 2012. Even though gold hit a new record high of $1,900 in September 2011, its averag… Keep Reading

6 Things Precious Metals Naysayers Get Dead Wrong

July 5th, 2017

Gold attracts its fair share of detractors. But the most common objections to gold as money, and as a safe-haven asset within an investment portfolio, are misplaced. Anti-gold myths are ubiquitous.… Keep Reading

Fine Gold Versus F.I.N.E. Central Banks

July 5th, 2017

Gold is one of nature’s finest creations. On the other hand central banks create trillions of fiat currency units – dollars, euros, yen, quataloos, whatever – from nothing and use those currency units for purchases … Apple stock, salaries for a th… Keep Reading

U.S. Gold Exports Surge As Its Gold Trade Deficit Continues

July 3rd, 2017

While precious metals investors in the West are frustrated by the low gold price (and the failure to break above $1,300), the East doesn’t seem to mind a bit. The Eastern philosophy for owning gold is to acquire it on price dips for the longer term, wh… Keep Reading