Why More Americans Are Choosing .999 Pure Silver Rounds Over Rapidly Devaluing Dollars

February 15th, 2023 Comments

Kevin O'Leary

Image Credit: The Daniela Cambone Show, YouTube-CNBC

MONEY METALS – Kevin O'Leary bluntly stated on CNBC why Americans have more reason than ever to move some of their wealth from dollar-denominated investments into hard assets like silver rounds –

“You print $6.72 trillion in thirty months, what the hell did you think was going to happen? Of course, there's going to be inflation.”

And Mr. Wonderful's figures are on point, says the Foundation for Economic Education. Federal Reserve data show that in August 2019, the U.S. had a $14.9 trillion total in circulation. By January 2022, it was $21.6 trillion.

That's 44.97% more Federal Reserve notes chasing substantially fewer goods due to shortages of everything from medications to microchips to eggs – the classic inflationary setup. Anything denominated in U.S. dollars – stocks, bonds, cash – is losing value daily.

Savvy Investors' Safe Haven – Gold, Silver…

Savvy investors know there's a time-tested safe haven for protecting the shrinking value of their dollars – precious metals like gold, silver, platinum, and palladium.

Of these, fractional silver rounds carry the lowest price per unit. They are affordable to virtually everyone.

Fractional rounds are also great to have on hand for future barter scenarios in a dollar collapse or grid-down situation.

Money Metals is pleased to offer fractional silver rounds in three popular sizes:

Walking Liberty Silver Rounds


Each size features the same beautiful Walking Liberty design found on our most popular 1-ounce silver bullion round.

We have many other designs as well – just click here!

These .999 fine fractional-ounce rounds are ideal for silver stackers looking to round out their holding with smaller denominations and for all investors who wish to continue to acquire physical silver at a low cost.

Check out Money Metals' Walking Liberty Silver Rounds now. Choose the denomination that makes the most sense for you, or load your shopping cart some of each. Remember that as soon as your cart hits $500, shipping on your entire order is FREE!

“The printing presses have gone insane. That's why we have inflation in the first place.” – Kevin O'Leary, Oct 19, 2022

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